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What to do to customers NOT NOTICED US?

Of course; to advertise in a way, as all others do

We advise otherwise!

Good advertising gadget is something that potential customer will definitely notice, even if only on the basis of a simple reflex of  "what is it?"

We offer exactly that.

Good advertising gadget is the thing which can not be to throw away even if it is not really needed "Because it's so pretty and different"

We offer exactly that.

Good gadget is the one who makes an impression to be more expensive than it actually is.

Our products, this is it.

Charms, cases, boxes, lighters, calendars, notebooks, cases for documents, glasses, cups, mugs, etc. etc. Decorated by metalwork items are so unique that it is impossible to throw them in the trash!

And finally:

Metal, wood, leather, ceramics have been and will be a symbol of good taste.