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We are on the market since 2000.

We do not like crowd so we try to do what nobody else does.

We specialize in short series production of metal-stamped sheet metal, designed for decorating of bookbinding, ceramics, leather goods and all kinds of gadgets and textiles. We also cold stamping leather and other materials.

This is definitely a niche production and therefore our promotional slogan


Only here


Thanks to the balanced combination of modern technology with manual work, we managed to retain all the characteristics of a noble handicrafts at a low investment and reasonable prices.

According to our knowledge, we are the only manufacturer of such products in Poland.

We fill the gap between the extremely expensive hand-hammered metalwork and massive shoddy.


OUR OFFER at a glance:

Engraving mechanical arts and tool CNC, metal, stamping sheet metal (copper, brass, bronze, nickel silver), pressing on the skin and plastic, fittings and metal decorating bookbinding,  book calendars with metal logo, folders with metal logo, business cards, cases for credit cards and documents, fittings and metal decorating of leather goods, luxury gadgets, corporate or club hats with metal logo or other emblem, metal framing and decorating company mugs, devotional, stylish furniture fittings, gifts, souvenirs and other decorative products, heraldry, crests, coats of arms of the nobility, tools engraved dies, punches, dies, dies for the needs of hotprint, seals, stones to pliers, door signs.