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We specialize in short serial production of metal-stamped sheet metal, designed for decorating of bookbinding, pottery, leather goods, all kinds of gadgets and textiles.  We also do cold pressing in leather and other materials.

This is definitely a niche production and thus our promotional slogan.

Only here

Thanks to the balanced combination of modern technology and manual work, we managed to retain all the characteristics of high quality handicrafts at a low investment and reasonable prices.

We specialize in the production of short series i.e. use optimal technology expenditures in the range of 100 - 1000 copies.

The size of a standard product 70mm x 35mm and 120mm x120mm. In some cases it is possible to exceed these dimensions.

Any shape possible, limited only by the strength of the material. Our products are made from sheet metal thickness of 0.2 mm - 0.4 mm of copper, brass, bronze and alpaca and 0.5mm - 1mm aluminum.

We have our own, unique technology aluminum finishing "on the tin" or "silver".

The products are patinated and hand-brushed or polished to a high gloss. We do however also cheaper products, finished by machine.


We make stamping convention:

- 2D (2 levels of depression)

- 2.5D (several levels of depression)

- 3D (bas-relief; smooth differentiation deep embossing)


Projects accepted in the form of:

1. Sketches, drawings or even verbal descriptions.

2. bitmat files, including photos and scans.

3. vector files (* .wmf, * .cdr, * .cmx, etc.)

4. 3D files (* .rlf , *.art)


Good quality vector files are an essential basis for making the matrix. With graphics 2D and 2.5D - files *.wmf, *.cdr, *.cmx without filling fountains and without textures, loops and open vectors. Fonts must be converted to curves.

With 3D graphics - files *.stl, *.rlf *.art.

There is no charge for the preparation of the project if the order is prepared like explained above.